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VW Center Cap Guide

The wheels make a big difference in the way a vehicle looks. That’s why a lot of car owners upgrade their wheels. If you want to switch up your VW's appearance but you don’t want to change your wheels, we have a solution for you.

Change the center cap.

What Is A Center Cap?

A center cap is a decorative disk in the center of a wheel. VW center caps are not 100% decorative, though. In many cases, automakers use center caps to hide the:

  • Lug nuts
  • Bearing dust cap
  • Axle castle nut

Center caps are a type of hubcap. Some wheels come with wheel covers, and others come with center caps.

VW center cap sizes vary between OEM wheels. That's why it's important to get the right size for your wheel. You can actually install VW center caps on any wheel you want, as long as the size is right. For example, you can put VW center caps on aftermarket wheels.

How Do Center Caps Stay on The Wheel?

VW center cap

VW center cap for select 2003-2019 models

When installed right, a center cap can look like it's a part of the wheel. Center caps are not bolted in. So how do they stay on the wheel? Even if your shocks are bad and your wheels are bouncing all over the place, the center caps stay on. How the heck is that possible? There are two very secure ways modern center caps are retained to the wheel:

  1. Spring clips. (This is the most common way.)
  2. Wheel lugs or other threaded fasteners. (This is very rare.)

Changing Your Center Caps

remove center cap

The VW center cap removal process is very easy. Center caps that are retained by spring clips are the most common kind. So we'll focus on the replacement process for that type of center cap.

You can remove center caps with a pick tool set. If you don't have a pick tool set, you can use a flathead screwdriver. If you use a flathead screwdriver, be careful not to scratch the wheel.

Do Your Center Caps Come With Little Notches Or Holes?

Many center caps come with little notches or holes that make removal easy. If your center caps come with little notches or holes, here's how you can remove them.

With a pick tool:

  1. Stick the pick tool into a notch or hole.
  2. Give it a little tug.
  3. The center cap should come off.
  4. Repeat with the rest of the center caps.

With a flathead screwdriver, carefully pry out the center cap. Be careful not to scratch the wheel.

What If Your Center Caps Don't Come With Little Notches Or Holes?

If you don't see any notches or holes in your center caps, removing them is going to be a little more difficult. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Lift your VW.
  2. Remove the wheel.
  3. With the handle of a hammer, push out the center cap from behind the wheel.
  4. Repeat with the rest of the center caps.

Looking For Replacement VW Center Caps?

Replacement center cap

We have a large selection of genuine OEM Volkswagen center caps. Look up your VW model in our catalog to see which center caps are available for your wheels!

Don't Feel Like Changing Your Center Caps?

If you don't want to change your center caps, use center cap stickers or emblems! You can stick the sticker or emblem over the existing center cap. We carry VW center cap emblems if you prefer to go this route.