Insufficient Volkswagen Voltage Problems

The last thing you ever want to think about is the wiring in your Volkswagen. You only want it to work correctly every single time, right?

You know your vehicle needs enough voltage to start the engine. But what about other components that need a certain amount of voltage to work properly? What happens when there isn’t enough voltage running through your vehicle’s wiring to keep components fully juiced up?

White VW curbside

They fail. Or they wear out quickly. Either one is a headache to deal with.

Here are a few problems than can occur if you have insufficient voltage in your wiring:

  • Fuel Pump: When the electrical current that flows through your fuel pump is too low, the fuel pump doesn’t spin as fast as it should. This causes a drop in your fuel pressure and fuel volume which can cause your engine to run really rough or to lose power completely. Usually, you or your mechanic will focus on the fuel pump itself and spend a small fortune to replace it, only to find the problem still occurs with a brand new pump.
  • Starter: Low voltage on the wiring that connects your battery to the starter can prevent your vehicle from starting. It can either slow the starter or not start anything at all. In this situation, most people spend money to replace the battery and/or the starter, only to find the problem still occurs after replacing them.
  • Water Pump: Your water pump works by moving cooled water. If there is insufficient voltage flowing to the water pump, it may not cool the water fast enough, therefore pushing warm or hot water, causing damage. Again, you or your mechanic may think the water pump is the culprit and spend money to replace it, only to find the problem is still there.
  • Audio: Your stereo, display screen and speakers need sufficient power to work properly. Without the right voltage, they may be permanently damaged. This goes for factory and especially aftermarket components that may need a lot more power than factory equipment.
  • Electronic Modules: The modules that control electrical parts in your vehicle like power steering, the A/C and heating unit, lights, dashboard display and anything else that requires power can malfunction from insufficient voltage.

Most of these problems are looked at individually, as if that particular part has malfunctioned or gone out, and usually replaced to repair the problem. Insufficient voltage is like a gremlin that is hiding in the shadows to get you. Wiring is almost never on the top of the list of potential causes of problems with these components until after they’ve been replaced.

If you ever need to replace or add wiring in your vehicle, whether it’s to replace factory wiring or add aftermarket components, use high-quality wiring. You need VW OEM quality wiring, not cheap aftermarket replacement wiring. OEM wiring is made to withstand lots of wear and abuse. Aftermarket wiring is usually made to save you money.

Investing in high-quality, OEM wiring will save you money in the long run, as you won’t come up against the aforementioned low voltage issues – at least not due to insufficient power. This means you get long-term function and a steady stream of sufficient voltage every time. Good wiring like this keeps you protected from the many problems (and high repair bills!) insufficient voltage can cause.