My Volkswagen Key is Not Working

The Volkswagen key has a built-in computer chip that is programmed to be recognized and accepted by your vehicle as part of its security system. If the computer in the vehicle does not recognize the key and its code, the vehicle will not start.

This system has been instrumental in reducing the amount of theft, but it comes with some of its own problems. Most of the problems occur when a new key is cut. Without the proper programming, the new key may open the doors and unlock the ignition, but the car is unable to start.

VW Key Fob

Here are some common problems and their fixes:

Issue: The vehicle will not start, even though the key works in the door and unlocks the ignition. The theft light is flashing.

Your Volkswagen is not recognizing your key, so it is unable to start the ignition. You need to program your key in order to get it to work. Start with two ignition keys that you got when you bought your Volkswagen. If you do not have both keys, your dealership will need to program your new key. Otherwise, you can follow the steps in your manual to program the key.

Issue: The “No Key Found” message is displayed when you try to use the push button start.

  • Ensure that the key you are trying to use is the 1A key and not a backup. Make sure that you are not using your iPad or cell phone since interference can come from radio frequencies. If you are encountering radio frequencies, place the key fob closer to the button and check for recognition.
  • If the key is not recognized, then put it in the center console in order for the vehicle to “read” the key.
  • Put your foot on the brake and push the start button.

Issue: The push button start will not work even with the key in the center console.

  • Make sure that your key fob battery is not dead. Even with a dead battery, the center console should be able to read the key.
  • Try your secondary key. Do not use the backup key, as it only opens doors and will not start the car.
  • If neither key is working, exit and lock up the vehicle.
  • Get out of the frequency range of the vehicle.
  • Return to the vehicle and start it as you normally would.

Issue: You cannot start the car and the theft light is on.

  • Place your key to the “ON” position and leave it there until the light stops blinking.
  • Put your foot on the brake pedal, and then turn the key in order to start the vehicle.

If you have trouble starting your vehicle and none of the above steps help you, then you may need to contact your local dealership for assistance.