Sweet Volkswagen Feature: 1981 Golf

While browsing through CarDomain, we found a really cool vintage Golf that seems to be undergoing some pretty heavy work. This machine is slowly, but surely, getting upgrades on what seems like every system throughout.

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81 golf logod

Dating back a few years now, this VW Golf seems to be an evolving, ongoing project. At some points, it looks to be finished, but the owner keeps modding after each phase is completed.

81 golf parked

81 golf wheel

81 golf frame

Suspension upgrades include lowering springs, re-heightened shocks, new dampers, poly bushings, and a few other goodies throughout.

81 golf engine

Mechanically, the parts are either new or rebuilt, for the most part.

Appearance wise, the Golf looks very different than it did in stock form — keeping the white paint job, but most of the rest of the body is different.

81 golf hood

81 golf front fender

The fenders and quarter panels are flared, front end is completely different, and even the lights are changed. New wheels and tires polish off the look.

81 golf digital gauge

Inside, you’ll find a digital control panel, racing seats, and obvious signs of many changes to come.

81 golf trailer

Updates on the build have been few and far between for a while now, but we’ll definitely be following this story to see if the project ever reaches a finale.