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How To Make Sure Your Body Shop Only Uses OEM VW Parts

Should I Replace One OEM Wheel Or Buy A Set Of Aftermarket Wheels?Do you have a body part on your Volkswagen that needs to be replaced? It’s always, always better to use OEM replacement parts. You should get exactly what came with your car. Unfortunately, this rarely happens. It’s because most (if not all) insurance companies want to pay low prices for aftermarket parts.

Why Don’t Insurance Companies Want To Pay For OEM Parts?

VW golf quarter panel

The reason is simple. Aftermarket parts are cheaper than OEM parts. Insurance companies always focus on the bottom line. Most of them will do whatever they can to keep their own costs low. That means paying for aftermarket parts instead of OEM parts.

The good news is that you can convince your auto body shop to use OEM parts. Here’s how:

1. Ask The Auto Body Shop If They Can Use OEM Parts

The first step is simple. Just ask the auto body shop if they can use OEM parts instead of aftermarket parts. Most body shops would say no. It may be because your insurance company is only willing to pay for aftermarket parts. Yet, it can't hurt to ask because some shops may say yes. They may have a connection that lets them get genuine OEM parts at aftermarket pricing. If you don't ask, the answer will always be no.

2. Ask The Insurance Company To Pay For OEM Parts

If the body shop can't or won't use OEM parts, it's time to call up your insurance company. Ask them if they're willing to pony up a little more money for OEM parts. They may say no, or they may be willing to work with you. If it's the latter, the insurance company will either:

  • Agree to pay for OEM parts
  • Agree to pay for OEM parts and charge you an extra fee
    • The fee will cover the extra cost of the OEM parts and administrative costs

Remind Your Insurance Company That They May Need To Pay For Repairs Again

If your insurance company pays for cheap aftermarket parts, those parts may fail. When that happens, the insurance company may have to pay for the repairs again. Every insurance company’s primary concern is the bottom line. So if you remind them that an aftermarket replacement part may cost them more money in the long run, they may agree to pay for an OEM part.

3. Offer To Cover The Cost Difference Between OEM And Aftermarket Parts

body repair costs

If the insurance company won't budge, it's time to talk to the auto body shop again. Ask them to bill the insurance company for aftermarket parts, but use OEM parts instead. You can pay the cost difference. This is a situation that makes everyone happy.

Maximize Your Savings By Ordering OEM Parts From Us

If the auto body shop agrees to let you cover the cost difference, there's a way for you to save some money. Have the shop order the replacement parts from us.

We're authorized sellers of genuine OEM Volkswagen parts. We carry everything, including spark plugs, cabin air filters, a variety of auto body parts, and more. You'll get the best deal with us because we offer wholesale pricing on all genuine OEM VW parts. Look up your VW model to see all the auto body parts we have available in our inventory!

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