Should You Take Your VW Off-Road?

Volkswagens are seriously cool vehicles. They're built to last and can be a lot of fun to drive. One thing you don’t see though is a lot of VWs on the trails. No worries, we’ve found them for you! Here’s a collection of awesome off-roading Volkswagens.

Offroad VW 1

This VW Beetle is going to have no problems with any terrain you throw at it — careful, it just might throw it back.

Offroad VW 1

It doesn’t get much better than an off-road ready VW Thing.

Offroad VW 3

What a perfect day to hit the beach in this off-road VW buggy.

Offroad VW 1

This Touareg can’t be tied down to the boring 'ol pavement.

Offroad VW 5

These Baja Bugs are doing exactly what they were made to do.

Offroad VW 6

Amaroks have no trouble with off-road terrain. Now if only they could hit North American terrain…

Offroad VW 7

Another point for the Amarok! It hurts that they aren’t available for our off-roading pleasure.

Offroad VW 8

Then again, we have a way of making do.

Offroad VW 1

This yellow Thing doesn’t seem to be scared of the trails.

Offroad VW 10

Who’s ready for a safari? This Volkswagen sure is!

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