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Haul a Super Bowl Party in a Golf Wagon

Are you ready for the Super Bowl? If you’re a red blooded American, the answer to that is clearly “bring it on!” But what about fitting all your tailgating needs into a VW Golf Wagon? Bet you never thought about that, or maybe you have. Either way, a VW Golf Wagon can hold a lot of Super Bowl party essentials.

Taking into account that you will be driving and you’ll likely have a passenger, we got curious about how much football party cargo a VW Golf Wagon can really hold. So we did the research, and the findings are both amusing and impressive. Check it out:

VW Golf Superbowl

Now that the results are in, let’s think about this: If you and six of your friends owned VW Golf Wagons, you could have what could only be described as an epic Super Bowl Sunday tailgate. Guests could consume up to 22,500 chicken wings, wash them down with 2,820 beers, and you’ll have 22,000 GoPros on hand to document the aftermath.

Of course, you’ll want to follow up with a dessert of 67,000 Oreos and 46,000 peanut butter cups — then try to burn off some of those calories by tossing around 800 footballs. Naturally, after all of that food eating and beer chugging, you’ll want to place bets with the $28.7 million dollars worth of twenties in car number 7 — well, whatever is left over from buying the rest of the tailgating gear, that is – bet you’ll have the best Super Bowl party on the block!

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