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The Spark Plug Buyer’s Guide All Volkswagen Owners Need

Spark plugs play an important role in your engine. Here is a guide to help you understand spark plugs better and how to choose the best replacement spark plug for your Volkswagen.

What Is A Spark Plug and Why Is It Important?

If you could look into your engine’s combustion chamber, you would find a spark plug in each cylinder. A spark plug is a small cylindrical part that ignites the mixture of fuel and air. This explosion creates pressure in the cylinder and pushes the pistons down to create power for the engine. Your engine can’t start or run without spark plugs.

This article offers more information on spark plugs and explains how they function in an engine.

How to Diagnose a Failing Spark Plug

Spark plug failure is quite common in all cars. Every driver should know the symptoms of a failing spark plug, which include a misfiring engine and a rough idle. The best way to determine if one of your spark plugs is bad is to physically inspect it. This tutorial shows you how to remove your spark plugs and determine whether a spark plug is in good or bad condition.

How to Replace Your Volkswagen's Spark Plugs

Spark plug trio

When you have a bad spark plug, you should replace it as soon as possible to prevent any further engine issues from cropping up. Follow the complete instructions here to remove and replace your spark plugs. Be sure to read the tips at the end to ensure that the replacement process goes as smoothly as possible.

Are OEM Spark Plugs Better Than Aftermarket Spark Plugs?

There are many different aftermarket spark plugs available. But should you trust an aftermarket set of plugs instead of an OEM spark plug? We recommend against it because there are too many risks associated with aftermarket spark plugs. For example, many aftermarket spark plugs come in a generic, one-size-fits-all design. That can cause some serious issues in your Volkswagen. This article goes into more detail about why you should think twice before buying aftermarket replacement spark plugs.