15 Awesome Slammed Dubs

To slam your Volkswagen or leave it stock height? Such a hard decision. Here's some inspiration to slam your VW.

Slammed vw 1

This classic Beetle is playing ‘how low can you go?’.

Slammed vw 2

This ground dragging Thing looks killer lowered.

Slammed vw 3

Check out this awesome lowered Golf.

Slammed vw 4

Love the red and black combo!

Slammed vw 5

Check out this slammed MK6.

Slammed vw 6

This 1998 Golf looks great with its ground hugging stance.

Slammed vw 7

Here’s a Scirocco to drool over.

Slammed vw 8

This slammed Bus steals our hearts!

Slammed vw 9

It doesn’t get much cooler than this!

Slammed vw 10

This VW is so fresh!

Slammed vw 11

Check out this slammed Passat.

Slammed vw 12

What do you think of this stanced VW Polo?

Slammed vw 13

Purple wrapped and slammed, this VW has a lot going on.

Slammed vw 14

Here’s another slammed Thing.

Slammed vw 15

There’s so much happening with this VW...

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