VW Beetle Tutorial: Replacing the Water Pump

Like many DIY projects, replacing your water pump at home is a more cost-effective solution than paying a shop.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace a VW Beetle Water Pump at Home?


Image Credit: Mark Simmons

The exact DIY water pump replacement cost depends on several factors, including:

  • The cost of the replacement part
  • Where you buy your replacement part
  • The value of your time

Unless your time is worth more than $100 per hour, you’ll save money in labor by doing it yourself. You can also save more money by ordering a genuine OEM replacement water pump online instead of at a VW dealership. It’s because OEM parts at certain authorized websites, like VW Parts Vortex, are available at wholesale prices. Dealers usually mark up the prices of their parts by about 30%.

For example, this water pump for 2012-2013 Beetles costs about $300 at a VW dealership, while it’s only $200 on our website. Our price for the water pump is 33% cheaper than the price you’d find at a dealership.

Where to Find a Genuine OEM VW Beetle Water Pump Online

If you want to find a good deal on an OEM water pump for your Beetle, look no further than VW Parts Vortex. We sell complete OEM water pump assemblies for VW Beetles dating back to 1998 at wholesale prices. For example, you’d typically pay about $125 for this water pump for 2016-2018 Beetles, but you can get it for only $85 at our website.

Replacing the Water Pump in Your Beetle

Beetle pump

Image Credit: briansmobile1

Take the following steps to replace your water pump. (Please note that these directions are for a turbocharged Beetle. The job will be slightly easier if you have a non-turbo Beetle.):

  1. Turn off your engine and let it cool.
  2. Pop open the hood.
  3. Remove all the engine covers on the top and the sides.
  4. Lift your car with jack stands. You don’t want to lift it too far off the ground because you’re going to be using a floor jack later.
  5. Drain the coolant out of the cooling system.
  6. Remove your Beetle’s front right wheel.
  7. Unscrew all of the bolts and screws to remove the lower shield.
  8. Find the hose clamp and, unscrew the 10mm bolt on it, and then remove the clamp.
  9. Remove the intercooler pipe.
  10. Find the inner fender shield and then remove it.
  11. Take off the eccentric belt tensioner, and then remove the crank pulley.
  12. Put a floor jack underneath the engine. Put a 2x4 block of wood between the floor jack and the engine.
  13. Make sure the engine is adequately supported by the floor jack and block of wood.
  14. Remove the motor mount.
  15. Use the floor jack to slightly raise or lower the engine as needed to access bolts.
  16. Move the coolant hoses out of the way and remove the coolant reservoir bottle to give yourself room to work on the water pump.
  17. Take off the second timing belt tensioner and then remove the timing belt.
  18. Place a bucket underneath the water pump because the coolant will leak out when you remove the pump.
  19. Unscrew the three mounting bolts on the water pump.
  20. Gently pry out the water pump with a pry bar.
  21. Install the new water pump in the opposite order.

Please contact us if you have any questions about replacing your water pump or finding the right part number for your Beetle.