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How to Replace Volkswagen Windshield Wiper Blades

Windshield wipers are part of the safety equipment on your Volkswagen. In order to have a clear view regardless of the weather, you need to maintain the blades on your vehicle. If you start to see streaks when you use the wipers, or if they are coming loose on the ends, it might be time to buy a new set of wipers.

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windshield wiper blade

This is a general guide on how to replace the wiper blades. Your vehicle model may vary slightly. Always make sure that you buy the proper blades for your vehicle. The owner’s manual will have that information in it if you are unable to tell by looking at the wiper blades already on the vehicle.

Changing the Blades

  1. Make sure that your new blades are the proper ones for your model, and then find the blades that are sitting against your windshield.
  2. Move the blades away from the windshield by pulling the wiper arm up. It has a spring in it, so you can stand it away from the windshield.
  3. Find the release pin on the assembly of the wiper arm and push it. It will release the blade. Remove the old blade.
  4. Take your new blade and slide it onto the wiper arm. Lock the clip into the hook. It should fit snugly in place.
  5. Place the wiper arm back down, and set it against the windshield.
  6. Replace both wiper blades at the same time for maximum performance.
  7. It is now a good time to refill or check the fluid levels on your wiper fluid.
  8. Test your new blades by turning them on and washing the windows.

Safety is important, and keeping your windows clean during rain and snow is one of the easiest ways to stay safe while driving. When you change your oil, check your windshield wiper blades and change them if needed.