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Is It Cheaper To Repair Or Replace My VW Wheels?

If you have damaged wheels, you may be wondering what is the most cost-effective option to fix the problem. Should you repair or replace your wheels? We’ll help you reach an educated decision with this guide.

Sometimes Wheel Damage Can’t Be Repaired

Image Credit: VWROC

Before deciding between repairing or replacing your wheels, you want to make sure that your wheels are repairable. Like other parts (such as fenders), a wheel can get damaged beyond repair. Here are a few examples of how this can happen:

  • If your wheel hits a pothole or a curb too hard, it can get bent or cracked.
  • If your wheel hits an object on the road at high speed, it can get damaged beyond repair.
  • If your car slides on ice and hits a curb hard enough, your wheel can get bent.

To confirm that your wheels are repairable, inspect them for any:

  • Bends
  • Cracks

Bends and cracks are usually not possible to repair. Even the smallest crack will get bigger over time. If your wheel has any bends or cracks, the best option you have is to replace it.

Repairing Your Wheels Usually Costs Less Upfront

“Upfront” is the keyword here. The materials you need to repair cosmetic damage on your wheels costs less than replacement wheels. Yet, there are some costs that will add up fast. For example, labor. Below is a list of the most common ways to repair your wheels:

  • Completely refinish your wheel
  • Hire a professional to cover up the damaged area on the wheel
  • Use an alloy repair kit

Each option will end up costing you more money in the long run. You would need to pay for labor, which can cost a lot. If you decide to DIY, you still have to factor in the value of your time.

Repairing Your Wheels Is Much More Labor-Intensive Than Replacing Your Wheels

Repairing a wheel takes a lot more work than most people realize. Whether you’re refinishing the entire wheel or repairing a small part of it, there are many steps to take. The whole process takes several hours. If you have a professional take care of the job, expect to pay hundreds of dollars for labor. If you do it yourself, you've got a project on your hands.

Even after all that work, it still may not be worth it in the end. Sometimes it’s easy to tell if a wheel has been repaired. It’s rare for a repaired wheel to come out looking brand new.

Believe it or not, but it can be cheaper to replace your wheels. And, most shops can mount and balance a set of tires/wheels in less than an hour.

You Can Score A Great Deal On Replacement Wheels

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