Remote Control Volkswagens We'd Play With All Day

They say when you grow up, it's time to put away childish things. And we couldn't agree more. That's why we're showcasing these completely mature, 100% adult RC Volkswagens we'd tinker with all day...

Oh, who are we kidding - if given the chance, we'd have these mini VWs racing up and down our neighborhood streets. We call the Touareg!

1. VW Amarok

RC Amarok

The Amarok is a mid-size pickup that's proven its worth both on and off-road. This RC Amarok, built on a 1/10 scale, is based on the 3 liter version of the truck and drives just as smooth.

2. VW Scirocco GT24

RC Scirocco

Straight from the 2008 24 Hours Nurburgring, this RC Scirocco GT24 is primed with a spoiler, decals, and a double wishbone suspension.

3. VW Beetle

RC Beetle

The VW Beetle is arguably one of the most recognizable and timeless vehicles...which is why it's so necessary to commemorate it through the world of RC cars. Support the cause with this two-tone RC Beetle.

4. VW Type 2

RC Type 2

The original VW Type 2 Van is a classic, and it's a shame we'll probably never seen one lifted onto monster truck wheels as seen here.

5. VW Bus

RC Bus

The VW Bus is timeless. Don't believe us? Buy one of these RC models and see if it's still fun. If it's not, there's probably something wrong with your fun-o-meter.

6. VW Touareg

RC Touareg

When the 2004 Touareg finished 6th in the Dakar Rally, it became larger than life. So, naturally, for the RC market it was shrunk to 1/10 its size.

7. Herbie the Love Bug

RC Herbie

The original Herbie was cute, and this 1/18 scale RC model is pretty adorable as well - not to mention the working headlights and taillights!

8. VW Golf Mk 1

RC Golf

The Golf Mk1 has passed the test of time, and the test of RC awesomeness. This Kamei-sponsored version was a well-known touring racer in its day.