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What Does A Park Assist Camera Do?

A park assist camera is one of the best ways to help make an older model vehicle feel new again. In fact, in 2018, the US federal government mandated that all new cars come with backup cameras. Park assist cameras can help owners to see into blind spots. These can really be helpful for larger SUVs, trucks, and vans.

As these camera systems have developed, some manufacturers have begun to offer 360-degree viewing systems, which can be a lifesaver in those tighter parking situations.

How Park Assist Cameras Work

OEM VW park assist camera

The park assist camera will turn on when you shift the vehicle's transmission into reverse and begin to display on your radio interface or rearview mirror. The cameras are often mounted just above the rear window or lower, just above the license plate on the outside of your vehicle. You can check out our selection of park assist camera systems here. These park assist systems have several indicators to help you avoid a collision including:

  • Sound alerts
  • Vibrations
  • Colored, on screen visual indicators
  • Brake control systems that brake for you

These multiple proximity warnings help you judge how far away you are from other objects. Once you've moved into place, you can shift the car back into a forward gear or park, and the camera will turn off.

The Benefits Of Park Assist Cameras

OEM VW park assist camera

Park assist cameras greatly enhance the safety of children or vehicles near your car. Aside from the cameras saving you from hitting curbs, other cars, or other objects, they can also give you a better vantage point in tighter city parking situations. These cameras also help owners to park more efficiently and effectively, making life easier for everyone. They're also helpful for hooking up to trailers and lining up your vehicle's hitch. Speaking of towing, some newer camera systems can also utilize trailer-mounted cameras to help you have a better view while towing on the highways by helping to reduce your blind spots.

Is Installing A Park Assist Camera Difficult?

As park assist systems have become more popular, many aftermarket parts companies have developed systems that can be installed at home. Most systems are relatively easy to install if you have the correct tools and a few hours. Keep in mind, as with any aftermarket product, compatibility and fit may not be all you hope for. Additionally, some cameras are designed to fit in special locations (such as hidden under emblems) and only OEM parts ensure proper fit and function in these cases.

When it comes to replacing the camera on your VW (a process we cover here), look no further than VW Parts Vortex. VW Parts Vortex is owned by an authorized Volkswagen dealer in the northeast United States. With over 15 years in business, you can be confident in our OEM parts. Plus, VW's manufacturer warranty backs all our parts. You can contact us here, or check out our vin decoder to help you identify your vehicle, here.