How To Order VW Parts

Every vehicle on the road at one time or another will need new replacement parts. Finding the right part for your VW vehicle can be complicated unless you know what you are looking for. Here is a list on the best ways to order parts.

How To Order VW Parts

Looking for an OEM part? Check out this guide for finding the one for you.

When trying to find parts for your vehicle, it is necessary to collect some basic information. Most part locaters want to know the same things like: model, year, engine type, trim level. This information can be found in your owner’s registration document or manual. Additionally, you can bring your VW to your local dealership and have them tell you that information by looking at the vehicle and/or reading the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

OEM vs. After-Market Parts

When ordering your VW parts it is first necessary to understand the difference between Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) and after-market parts. After-market parts are those commonly found at auto parts stores and OEM parts are generally only available through a VW licensed dealer. The difference in parts is commonly thought to be quality and price. While the after-market parts are generally thought to be cheaper than OEM parts, you get what you pay for. These parts don’t undergo the rigorous testing and meet the higher standards that OEM parts do.In the long run, it is often cheaper to go with OEM parts since they will often outlast and outperform after-market parts.

Ordering OEM Parts

The best way to order OEM parts is to visit your local VW dealer. They have experienced professionals who will make sure they order the right part for your vehicle. Quite often, they may even have this part in stock for you. And they can be helpful with questions about the right way to install the part.

By visiting your local VW dealer you are able to not only get the right high-quality part ordered, you can often get free advice on the best way to install it. This combination of the right part and advice for your VW vehicle, can mean the difference between doing the job right or going back to a parts store time and time again.