Are VW OEM Shocks Better Than Aftermarket?

With OEM shocks, you know exactly what you’re getting: precise fitment, reliable performance, and excellent ride quality. The question here is: would you get a better deal with aftermarket shocks?

The short answer is no. Aftermarket shocks are pretty unpredictable in terms of quality, durability, and performance.


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Quality is an important factor to consider while shopping for replacement shocks. Once you've examined your shocks and determined they need replacing, you'll want to be sure you complete the job with high quality parts. Aftermarket shocks are typically built with inferior quality materials. When it comes to shocks, quality matters a lot. Shocks are important in absorbing impacts from the road and keeping your VW’s suspension system in good shape. So a set of low quality shocks can really wreak havoc on your ride quality and suspension components.


Even if you happen across a set of aftermarket shocks built with premium materials, chances are they’re not tuned for your model. For example, they may be built for a car that’s heavier than yours. As a result, you’ll experience a “stiff” and uncomfortable ride quality. You want to buy shocks from a manufacturer that understands the exact characteristics of your car, and that’s OEM. Aftermarket shocks are usually built with universal fitment and tolerances, which means the shocks may not perform well on your VW.

The Bottom Line: OEM Shocks are the Right Choice

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Volkswagen takes a lot of pride in the fact that they manufacture their shocks and other suspension system products with premium quality materials and to precise specs. In fact, Volkswagen takes into account the weight and specs of each model and then designs their shocks accordingly. This results in high-quality shocks that function optimally with your vehicle.

A lot of Volkswagen owners shy away from OEM shocks because they get sticker shock when they try to order a set from a VW dealership. It’s no surprise, because dealerships impose a hefty markup on their OEM parts. However, just because OEM shocks are expensive at dealerships doesn’t mean that you have to go the aftermarket route. Here’s a little secret: you can find genuine OEM shocks online at reasonable prices!

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