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Are OEM Radiator Fans Better Than Aftermarket?

If you have to replace a broken radiator fan, you might be tempted to get an aftermarket unit. It's especially tempting if the aftermarket part has a lower price than the OE model. It's just a fan, right? What could go wrong?

It turns out a lot can go wrong. We understand how important it is to save money, but saving a few dollars on an aftermarket radiator fan could cost you significantly more money in the long run. We'll cover why in this article.

Aftermarket Radiator Fans May Not Fit Correctly

OEM VW radiator fan fitment

Image Credit: HumbleMechanic

OE radiator fans are manufactured by Volkswagen to fit your car's specific engine. These parts meet Volkswagen's standards, so you can be sure you're getting the same OE quality part your car was equipped with when it came from the factory.

Aftermarket radiator fans are usually made to be interchangeable and fit various makes or models. For this reason, they may be the same size as the OE radiator fan but may not fit correctly. Aftermarket radiator fans may stick out too far into the engine bay, or the mounting holes don't line up exactly with the mounts on the radiator. The cooling fans' size may differ, which could affect your cooling system's performance.   

Aftermarket Radiator Fans Do Not Carry The Same Warranty

OE radiator fans carry Volkswagen's OE manufacturer's warranty. Aftermarket parts do not. It's true that some aftermarket parts have a warranty, but it may not be as long as Volkswagen's or as comprehensive.

Even if the aftermarket radiator fan's warranty is comparable to or longer than Volkswagen's, it may be very hard to file a warranty claim. Most aftermarket companies do not have the same level of customer support, and it may be impossible to speak to a real person on the phone. At VW Parts Vortex, you can contact us and speak to one of our knowledgeable staff.

Aftermarket Radiator Fans May Cost You More Money

VW cooling fan cost

Most aftermarket parts, including radiator fans, cost less upfront than the OE equivalent. That's because they are more cheaply made. The reality is they usually end up costing more money because they don't perform as well or last as long as the OE radiator fan.

Even if the aftermarket radiator fan lasts a long time, it could affect your cooling system's performance. As a result, your VW may not run at the correct operating temperature. This could lead to overheating or other costly repairs.

Looking To Save Money? VW Parts Vortex Can Help!

If you need a new radiator fan, our experienced parts staff can help. VW Parts Vortex only sells genuine OE Volkswagen parts at great prices. We also have a no-hassle return policy and will do free parts lookups for you. Call or order online today!