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Are OEM VW Air Conditioning Parts Better Than Aftermarket?

Your Volkswagen's air conditioning system contains many different components. All these components work together to cool the interior. This includes the:

Do you need to replace one or some of the parts in your Volkswagen's air conditioning system? You may be trying to decide between OEM and aftermarket replacement parts.

VW ac service

As VW parts experts, we always recommend OEM replacement parts. We strongly believe that a car owner should only use OEM parts for their vehicle.

Aftermarket replacement parts don't offer comparable quality or performance as OEM parts. It's important for your vehicle's A/C system to function properly. You don't get that guarantee with aftermarket parts.

OEM parts offer much more value than aftermarket parts in several important ways:

1. Material Quality And Construction

The materials used in OEM parts are often more durable than those made by aftermarket manufacturers.

It's because Volkswagen makes a point to use high quality, durable materials for their A/C parts. Volkswagen puts all its parts through different quality testing stages to meet their own high standards. Aftermarket companies can get away with using low quality materials. It's because they don't need to meet any sort of standards or specifications.

It's common for aftermarket A/C parts to fail sooner than expected. This is a big reason why aftermarket parts are usually cheaper than OEM parts.

2. Fitment And Compatibility With Other A/C System Parts

OEM ac compressor

No company knows your vehicle's A/C system better than Volkswagen does. OEM parts are exact replacements of the stock parts in your A/C system. This gives you the peace of mind that:

  • You won't experience any fitment issues with OEM parts
  • The OEM replacement parts will work right with the stock parts in the A/C system

OEM A/C components are also model-specific. The design and materials are engineered around your car's needs for longevity, performance, and function.

One of the most common problems with aftermarket parts is that they don't fit perfectly. Aftermarket manufacturers are third-party companies. They don't need to follow the same design process as Volkswagen does.

To save money, many aftermarket manufacturers don't design their A/C components to OE specs. Some aftermarket manufacturers even use universal specs. This can cause fitment issues and compatibility issues with stock VW A/C system parts. You could risk compromising your vehicle's safety or warranty coverage if you use aftermarket parts.

3. Guarantees And Warranties

Volkswagen makes every effort to make sure its car parts last as long as possible. Yet, it still offers a generous warranty policy. Its warranty policy guarantees no manufacturing defects, and it's good for 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Most, if not all, aftermarket A/C manufacturers don't offer warranties or guarantees on their products. These products aren't subject to the same standards or testing as OEM parts. There's no way to know how long aftermarket parts will last. So if your aftermarket A/C part fails, you'll have no choice but to buy a new one.

OEM Parts Don't Always Have To Be Expensive

We always recommend that our customers use OEM A/C parts for their Volkswagen. We stand behind Volkswagen's high-quality replacement parts and warranty policies. Yet, we understand that some VW owners may be hesitant to buy OEM parts because they can be expensive.

That's not always the case, though. You can find some pretty great prices online. In fact, we offer a price match guarantee for all genuine OEM VW parts, including A/C parts. Look up your VW model in our catalog and then see what OEM A/C parts we have available for your vehicle!