KISS VW Bug Turns Heads

It’s a challenge most KISS fans would be hard-pressed to meet: Show your dedication to the iconic rock group more passionately than by owning a car that looks like Gene Simmons.

Kiss Bug

KISS Bug – cool or just weird?

I told you it would be a challenge!

This 1970 Volkswagen Beetle is the KISS mobile to end all KISS mobiles! From Gene Simmons’ head prominently mounted on this ride’s roof to the replica of the rocker’s legendary tongue covering the hood, there will be no mistaking what the driver of this car is all about when it is spotted cruising down Main Street!

Kiss Bug Side View

Sporting a sharp-looking black paint job, this Beetle’s heart is a 1600cc single port engine with 12 volt electronics.

No detail is left out, which is impressive, since this fan mobile must comply with state safety regulations in order to be operated legally on public roadways. After all, how can one do justice to Simmons’ famous tongue without including his teeth, which are prominently displayed on the upper portion of the front windshield?

It’s hard to decide on which of the KISS Bug’s features are likely to draw the most attention. Clearly, it’s a contest between the hood ornament of all hood ornaments (Simmons’ tongue) or the mock-up of Simmons’ head on the roof which boasts authentic-looking KISS make-up work and long black hair that flows behind the vehicle in the wind when it’s on the move.

Kiss Bug Rear View

The interior is also tricked out with a glossy black finish and the KISS logo boldly emblazoned in large letters just beneath the dashboard. Matching black carpeting and black vinyl seats provide occupants with that dark concert hall feel. One might expect a miniature version of KISS to emerge from the car’s dash and break into a rendition of “Detroit Rock City” at any moment!

Kiss Bug interior

Polished aluminum wheels contrast nicely with the black paint job, and there’s just the right amount of chrome on the exterior to bling things up a bit.

For the dedicated KISS fan that enjoys being the center of attention, there’s no better way to travel than in the one-and-only KISS Bug!

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