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How To Replace A VW Fender

Contrary to popular belief, a damaged fender isn't only cosmetic damage. It makes your vehicle and other vehicles vulnerable to mud, rocks, and other road debris. A damaged fender liner is bad news, too. A broken fender liner leaves the parts within the engine compartment vulnerable to dirt, moisture, and debris.

So if you have a damaged fender or fender liner, you want to replace it ASAP. This guide will walk you through the process of doing it at home.

Is The Fender Liner Damaged Too?

VW fender liner

A broken fender is easy to notice. A broken fender liner? Not so much. So before you set out to replace a damaged fender, you want to check the fender liner too. Grab a flashlight and then thoroughly examine the liner. If you notice any cracks, breakage, or any other type of damage, you need to replace the liner too.

Ordering Replacement Parts And Hardware

Before proceeding with the job, get all the replacement parts and hardware you need. You can't go wrong with ordering from us. We carry genuine OEM parts, including fender assemblies.

If You're Replacing Only The Fender

Order a replacement fender assembly and all the hardware you need. We sell hardware kits, including this one for various 2006-2016 VW models.

If You're Replacing The Fender Liner Too

You will need to order a replacement fender liner, too. In that case, we got you covered. Our inventory has fender liner for a variety of VW models. You also need to get all the hardware for the liner, too. That includes:

  • Fender liner grommet: It's like a push tab that holds plastic pieces in place
  • Fender liner u nut: It's like a hair clip that goes into either the fender liner or the fender; it connects the liner to the fender

For a complete list of hardware (and how many of each to get), check a repair manual.

If You're Installing A Fender Liner Extension Too

You would need all the parts and hardware listed above. That, plus a fender liner extension and extension bolt. An extension bolt goes through the liner to the u nut behind the liner. It connects the extension to the liner.

The Tools You'll Need For The Job

The process varies a bit between VW models. Each model needs a specific set of tools. We'll include a general list of tools you'll need for the job, though:

  • Screwdriver or Torx screw bits, depending on which type of screws your vehicle has
  • Wrench and sockets
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Plastic wedges to help pry things open
  • Blow dryer or heat gun
    • You may encounter bolts that are held down by sealants. A blow dryer or heat gun will make these bolts easier to remove.
  • Old blanket
    • You want to lay the fender and bumper on a blanket to avoid scratching them.

A General Overview Of Replacing A Fender On Your Volkswagen

Replace vw fender

Image Credit: GT's Performance

Each Volkswagen model has its own set of steps for replacing the fender. If we covered every model, we'd end up doing a whole book. So instead, we'll provide an overview of the most common way to replace a fender on a VW vehicle. Your model may require extra steps, or even completely different steps. Check online or consult a repair manual to find the exact steps for your model.

  1. Open the hood.
  2. Remove the fender liner.
  3. Remove the front bumper.
    • Unplug the marker lights and anything else that's connected to the bumper.
  4. Remove the bolts attaching the fender.
  5. Remove the fender.
  6. Install the replacement fender.
  7. Install the bumper in the reverse order of removal.
  8. Install the old fender or replacement fender liner.
    • Install the replacement or new fender liner extension too, if applicable.

Do you need help finding the right replacement fender parts (and hardware) for your Volkswagen? Feel free to contact us!