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How To Replace A Volkswagen Starter

In modern cars, countless conveniences are constantly making our lives easier. The starter has been one of the most significant conveniences offered in vehicles since the 1930s. Within a few years of its introduction, the starter became standard equipment on basically every car. Of course, a starter can wear out. If your VW begins experiencing starting issues, there are a few things you should be aware of before replacing the starter.

Is My VW Starter Failing?

Check vw battery

Image Credit: BMAC VAGS

If you think your starter is failing, you should first check your battery and electrical system. A starter will degrade and break down over time, but most often, if you're having starting issues, it is more likely the battery. One meaningful way to tell if the starter or your battery has failed is to jump in the car and turn the key. If you see the dashboard flickering, or hear a clicking sound, the battery no longer has enough cranking power to get the starter to turn. If you turn the key, but you hear a single thunk or clunk when you turn the key, you can be more confident that the starter has failed. If you think your starter has failed and you're looking for a replacement, check out our offerings here.

How To Replace Your VW Starter

Image Credit: JBugs

If you are confident the starter is the source of your issues, and you are going to replace it, you should first disconnect the car's battery. This will ensure you're safe while working on the car. In almost every VW the starter is a small motor tucked in between the transmission housing and the engine. To access the starter, you may need to remove some smaller accessories. To get started:

  • Begin by identifying the starter. In most cases, the starter is easier to get at from underneath the vehicle. Begin clearing any wiring or accessories out of the way so you have clear access to the starter.
  • Find the starter's main power wire and disconnect it from the starter.
  • Remove any control harness from the starter.
  • Remove the upper mounting bolt on the upper side of the starter.
  • Remove the bolt on the lower side of the starter. At this point, the starter will be free to move but may still hold onto the engine.
  • Pull the old starter out. Compare it to your new starter to ensure the new starter will mount correctly.

Note: When replacing the starter, be sure to use the torque specifications provided by Volkswagen. This specification ensures the proper tightness of your starter mounting bolts. This is critical as the starter is subject to a lot of force when in operation.

If you're having starter issues with your Volkswagen, think of VW Parts Vortex. With more than fifteen years in business, we know Volkswagen parts. We only use OEM parts straight from Volkswagen to ensure your VW will run right! VW's parts warranty backs all our parts. You can contact us here, or call us at 888-667-8938 to learn more!