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How to Replace a Volkswagen Battery

This is Why Your VW Won’t Start After a Battery ReplacementAt some point or another, you are going to need to replace the battery in your Volkswagen as they do wear out over time. You might notice that your vehicle’s lights are dimmer, or your vehicle won’t stay charged. These can be signs of a battery that is on the way out. Battery replacement is a very simple procedure; but, if your vehicle is equipped with any type of alarm or anti-theft equipment, be sure to use the computer memory saver to save your settings before replacing the battery. Otherwise, you need to start over and reprogram the alarm systems or they won’t work.

Volkswagen Battery


  • Ratchet, metric socket set and extensions
  • Wire brush
  • Terminal or post cleaner tool
  • Safety glasses
  • New battery
  • Anti-corrosion spray for the battery terminal
  • 9-volt battery car computer memory saver


  1. Put the 9-volt battery into the memory saver and plug the saver into your cigarette lighter or other power source.
  2. Take the keys out of the ignition.
  3. Put on your safety glasses and pop the hood. You will see a light bulb insignia on the top of the battery box cover. Using your ratchet and socket, remove all the screws on the box cover. It’s in two pieces, so use both hands to twist one side down and one side up in order to separate them.
  4. Take the battery casing bolt off with your tools. It’s in the front.
  5. Use your tools to remove the hold down bolt.
  6. Use your tools to loosen the negative battery terminal clamp nut. Just loosen it. You can wiggle the clamp off the post. The negative terminal has a black wire and a negative dash on it.
  7. Do the same thing to the positive (red +) terminal.
  8. Move the battery forward in order to get it out from under the retaining lip in the rear. If it has an insulation cover, put it onto the new battery before you install it.
  9. Using your wire brush, clean any debris or corrosion out of the tray.
  10. Use the post cleaner to clean the terminal clamps.
  11. Place the new battery into the tray and reverse the instructions to complete the installation. Make sure that you have the battery pushed back enough to get it under the lip of the tray.
  12. Take care to put the positive back on first and then the negative.
  13. Spray the cover assembly, posts and clamps with anti-corrosion spray.

Start your Volkswagen to ensure that it starts and everything is working properly. Disconnect the car computer memory saver and remove the battery from it.

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