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How To Program Key For VW

Quite often it is ideal to have a backup key or extra keys for your VW vehicle. The trick is then programming the extra key to work. This can be a simple process for anyone to do. Here are the steps it takes.

Do It Yourself

In order to program a key fob to your VW vehicle, you will need to have one primary key working properly. This key will serve as the “trainer” for the new key. Here is how that happens.

  1. First, take the key you want to program and insert it into the ignition. Then, turn the car to the “On” position. Do not turn on the engine or crank the motor.
  2. Next, step out of your VW vehicle and close the driver’s door. Take the primary key and insert it into the door lock. Then, turn the key to the right – manually locking the door. Remove the key once the door is locked.
  3. Taking the primary key, press the “Unlock” button on the fob. Wait at least one second and then depress the “Unlock” button again.
  4. Open the driver’s door and turn the ignition to the “Off” position. Remove the new key. The new key should be programmed to your vehicle.
  5. Close the driver’s door and test the new key to make sure it works. If it doesn’t, repeat the steps.

Dealership Option

How To Program A VW Key

For most car owners, the steps above will work to program their new key. If it doesn’t or if the steps above don’t make sense, check out your local VW dealer. They program keys all the time and can help with any issues that come up.

Your local VW dealer is also a great resource for finding to the best quality replacement keys VW offers. They can also make sure these keys work properly.

Having two sets or more of keys for your vehicle is extremely handy in those situations where you might have locked your keys in your car or another driver is using the car. Taking the time to make sure the new key works properly will save you a ton of hassle down the road.