10 Fun VW-Branded Items For Your Home

VW Treehouse

You’re a Volkswagen fanatic, and everyone you meet knows you drive a Volkswagen within the first five minutes of meeting. Your Volkswagen is a part of your life, and you aren’t afraid to show it. Since you can’t bring your VW into your living room (or at least you shouldn’t!), here are ten really cool Volkswagen branded products for the real VW devotee.

VW Bus Toaster

VW Toaster

This toaster not only looks like a VW Bus, but it actually toasts the VW symbol onto your toast!

Volkswagen Bus Speaker

VW Speaker

While you’re waiting for your toast to cook (okay, so it’s not that long of a wait), you can listen to your favorite tunes on this cool 1:38 scale VW Bus speaker. It’s Bluetooth capable, so you can connect your phone or computer and listen to anything you want.

Beetle Tea Kettle

VW Tea Kettle

This neat little teat kettle is modeled after a classic yellow Beetle. It would make an awesome ornamental piece atop your stove in your kitchen.

Love Bug Bed

VW Bed

If you dream of your Volkswagen at night, this Love Bug bed is probably already on your Christmas list!

Volkswagen Flash Drives

VW Flash Drive

If you’re running out of space on your computer to store all of the photos of your car, you can store them on a VW-modeled flash drive instead.

VW Fridge

VW Fridge

This is one of the coolest VW appliances out there (pun intended). It would be an awesome piece for the garage/Volkswagen cave to cool drinks while you’re working on your VW.

VW Pool Table

VW Pool Table

What better way to entertain guests than to challenge them to a game of pool at your Volkswagen pool table? With this awesome piece, that dream can become a reality.

VR6 Engine Table

VW Coffee Table

Make a powerful statement with this VR6 engine block coffee table. It’s an engine block with components incorporated and finished off with a VW logo etched glass top. This is likely the coolest coffee table ever made.

VW Bus Work Desk

VW Desk

Suddenly, going to work on Monday just got a little easier! If you’ve got to work behind a desk, it takes the edge off if you can do it behind a VW Bus — it might make it feel slightly more like going for a ride in your VW instead of filing paperwork.

VW Logo Welcome Mat

VW Rug

What better way to welcome people into your Volkswagen-branded home than with this cooler than cool VW welcome mat?