Feature Vehicle Post: "Super Bug"

VW Beetles make for pretty mean project cars since they’ll take a lot of modifications like a champ. Practically every engine out there has been fitted into one, from a Hayabusa to a Chevy V8. This particular monster is fitted with 502 cubic inches of growling big block power hidden behind an intimidating paint job, making this awesome Super Bug.

VW Superbug 1

This beast was most famously spotted at the NSRA Street Rod Nationals in Louisville, KY.

VW Superbug 2

Instead of the snappy air-cooled engine in the back, a 502ci big block Chevy occupies the front of this Super Bug.

VW Superbug 3

It’s not clear what’s under the rear of the Beetle, but it’s likely where the fuel cell stays.

VW Superbug 4

Inside, the front bucket seats were removed and replaced with a set of racing seats, which are bolted where the factory rear seats used to be.

VW Superbug 5

There’s also a custom center console and dash mounted tablet inside.

VW Superbug 6

The Super Bug has a somewhat vintage stock car look from the wide tires jetting out of the stock size fenders.

VW Superbug 7

There are also wheelie bars, which may get good use since this little monster has 450 horsepower and 550 lbs-ft of torque.

This is one mean little Super Bug that probably shocks many at the track!