DTC Decoded: P1582

Diagnostic code:



Volkswagen Jetta


Idle Adaptation at Limit

Code detection:

The ECU cannot adjust the idle time.

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VW Engine Light

Symptoms of this code:

  • The service engine light comes on.

What causes this code?

  • The crankcase is diluted
  • The fuel injectors are open too long
  • High blowby in the engine
  • Malfunctioning throttle valve

What the techs say:

  • If the crankcase is diluted, this code is a result of a dirty engine, and the best way to fix this is to change the oil and take it for a drive.
  • If the fuel injectors are open too long and changing the oil does not fix the problem, you probably need to replace worn fuel injectors.
  • If the code is a result of high blowby in the engine, then you need to check your compression ratio. Should the compression ratio be too low, you will need to repair the engine. If you find that your compression ratios are within range, you may need to replace a malfunctioning throttle valve control.
  • After you have replaced the oil or any parts, you can clear the code by disconnecting the ECM for 10 seconds. Then you will clear the memory on the DTC and create a readiness code.

Volkswagen Code Description:

P1582-This code is triggered by the ECU trying to push the motor to let more air into the engine. When it has reached the maximum amount of push it can deliver, the ECU turns on the check engine light to indicate that the idle adaptation is at its limit. This is usually a result of a dirty engine or engine oil. In some cases, the throttle body needs to be replaced.