The 10 Coolest Custom VW Bus Interiors

The Volkswagen Bus is an icon. It's recognizable, represents a generation, and has a cult following. While some have funky paint or exterior work, others have completely customized interiors. Here are the 10 coolest VW bus interiors.

VW interior 1

VW interior 2

Rut-roh Raggy, what’s going on with this Bus? Of course you recognize this one — it's the iconic Mystery Machine! If you step inside this Bus, you’ll find a Scooby-Doo interior with modern amenities. It’s outfitted with a game station, icebox, killer sound system, and impressive upholstery work.

VW interior 3

VW interior 4

VW interior 5

This Bus could allow you to take a serious road trip. It has the appliances of a modern kitchen and a sleeping area. If one were so inspired, they could live in this Bus and travel around the country.

VW interior 6

VW interior 7

This is a no-frills Bus, but it’s pretty slick. It features a hardwood living area with cabinetry for storage. It’s basic but it’s a great layout to maximize space.

VW interior 8

VW interior 11

The passenger area of this Bus is outfitted with a fridge, couch, and storage. It allows your travel buddy to lounge while you drive or gives you a traveling campsite.

VW interior 9

This interior looks more comfortable than most people’s living rooms! It may not be outfitted with appliances or game systems, but it makes for a great hangout.

VW interior 10

This interior is - yes, we’re going to say it at least once - far out. The custom upholstery captures the essence of the VW Bus perfectly. Not to mention that shag rug!

VW interior 12

The interior of this Bus allows you to open it up to the world. Storage, counter tops, and curtains allow you to fold out the awning and turn the world into your break area.

VW interior 13

This Bus has room for a nice sitting and dining area while you're out and about. The coordinating interior is lively and would keep you feeling at home while on the road.

VW interior 14

Why not turn your VW Bus interior into a Havana hut? That’s exactly what this owner did. With the use of bamboo and burlap sacks, this interior was completely transformed.

VW interior 15

Talk about luxury! This Bus looks like a lounge, not a vehicle. Equipped with a bar, audio system, and plush seating, it would be a great place to entertain…if you could fit more than a few people inside.

The interiors of these VWs are pretty incredible. Share your custom Bus interior on our Facebook page here.