Coolest Vintage VW Ads: Part II

It was so much fun to share cool VW ads last time, so we had to do part 2! Here are a few more awesome vintage Volkswagen ads for your enjoyment.

If you run out of gas...

Vintage ads pt2 1

Volkswagen is a company known for its humor, and this ad is a great example of that. This ad explains an unusual benefit of owning a VW Beetle.

The Right Kind of Wife

Vintage ads pt2 2

This ad is borderline questionable by today’s anti-sexism standards, but it’s good for a laugh.

That's a Load Off Our Front

Vintage ads pt2 3

Cut off the front of the station wagon, and you have a VW station wagon…kind of.

Get Both

Vintage ads pt2 4

This ad demonstrates the space the Volkswagen Wagon fills in the marketplace.

The Snowplow Driver

Vintage ads pt2 5

How does one get to their job controlling the snowplow? With a VW Rabbit of course!

A Picture of a Volkswagen?

Vintage ads pt2 6

While we don’t quite ‘get’ this one, it’s one of the great confusing VW ads.

The Volkswagen Theory of Evolution

Vintage ads pt2 7

Volkswagen demonstrates the theory of evolution by not changing their Beetle from 1949 to 1963.

Detroit Praise for the Rabbit

Vintage ads pt2 8

Happy days are here again thanks to the Volkswagen Rabbit!

Not Allowed to Quote

Vintage ads pt2 9

Oh Volkswagen, you rebel. They told you not to quote a magazine, so you direct people to the page you wanted to quote anyways.

The Enthusiast's Companion

Vintage ads pt2 10

If you want a companion, the GTI is ready to fill that role!

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