Can a Touareg Tow This?

Though you might not think of the Volkswagen Touareg as a first-rate towing machine, the truth is this luxury SUV is rated up to 7700 lbs when hitched up with a towing package.

We’ve mentioned the Touareg’s towing prowess in the past, and time has been good to this luxury SUV. Though only offered in a 3.6L V6 or a TDI turbodiesel V6, the latest versions of the Touareg are still up to snuff when it comes to towing. Don’t believe us? Check it out.

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Can a Touareg Tow a Boat?

Easily. This video shows a Touareg handling a 6400 lb Rayglass Legend 2500—I guess that’s what 280 hp will do for you!

Can a Touareg Tow a Camping Trailer?

Towing Airstream

A Touareg might seem out of place among diesel pickups dragging giant trailers, but this SUV can tow an Airstream as easily as you can put it in drive.

Can a Touareg Tow a Boeing 747?

Absolutely—though we wouldn’t try it at home. Not that you’d have a spare jet airplane laying around to tow anyway, but this is still pretty impressive. In order to get enough grip, 4.3 tons of sand were added to the back of the Touareg. The result? Well, see for yourself.

Towing Tips

Whether you’re a Touareg owner or not, these towing tips are great to newbies and seasoned vets alike:

Carry a Spare for the Trailer

You wouldn’t head out on a road trip without a spare for your car, would you? Your trailer goes over the same bumps, rocks, and sharp objects as your car, so keep a spare around for your trailer, too.

Lower Your Speed

Your vehicle behaves differently with a trailer hitched to the back. You stop slower, swerve differently, and need more all-around control. That’s why most states only allow a max speed of 55 mph for trailers. In fact, most instruction manuals recommend the 55 mph speed limit, too.

Leave Lots of Space

Again, it takes a lot longer to stop with a trailer. Give yourself an extra car length at lower speeds, and even more when cruising down the highway.

Lower Gear

Don’t go into overdrive when towing a trailer. This keeps transmission temperatures down and decreases the chance of damage.

Brake Check

Before hitching up, know that you’ll be putting a lot of extra stress on your braking system—even if you’re using trailer brakes. It’s all a matter of visually inspecting the pad and rotors, and making sure you have enough brake fluid in the system.

Towing Equipment

If your Touareg wasn’t set up with a towing package when you purchased it, has you covered. We’ll set you up with a trailer hitch, ball, and mount and get you on your way. Either give us a call or search your make, model, and year to find all the equipment you need.