Check Out This Awesome Car Volkswagen Made in the Early 90s

Ready to have your mind blown? Take a look at this car:

VW Country

VW Country Back

Photo credit: Sven Storbeck

If you think it’s a vintage Volkswagen Golf Mk2 loaded with aftermarket off-road accessories, think again. Everything on this baby came straight out of the factory. Yes, that’s right: 100% VW factory-built. Meet the Golf Country.

What is the Golf Country?

It’s the Volkswagen Golf Mk2’s bigger and tougher European brother. That’s the most basic description one could give it, but it was really so much more than that. Built for medium off-road driving, the Golf Country came loaded with off-road accessories and was sold only in Europe.

Only about 7,700 units were produced for the 1990 and 1991 model years, a handful of which have been imported to the United States.

Today, the Golf Country has a cult following. There’s even a Facebook page dedicated to it.

VW Country Ad

Translation: Because you know what you have.

How the Golf Country Differs From a Golf Mk2

The same 1.8L motor found in the US-spec Golf Mk2 powers the Golf Country, and the bodies of both Golfs are pretty much identical, but the similarities stop there. There are many striking differences between the two cars. Here are some of the more notable features the Golf Country has that the Mk2 doesn't:

  • Syncro four-wheel drive system
  • Large fender flares
  • Front and rear bullbars
  • Higher suspension travel
  • Skid plates
  • Externally mounted spare wheel

Note: if you add the above accessories to the new Golf Alltrack, you’d have a larger, modern version of the Golf Country.

Golf Country Trims

In addition the mid-level regular Golf Country, buyers had two other trim levels to choose from:

  1. Country Allround: The most basic trim designed for those in the more affordable price range, it was built sans luxurious features like leather steering wheels and electric mirrors
  2. Country Chrompaket: The most luxurious trim, with only 500 units produced. It featured chrome bullbars, a sliding sun roof, and an engine/interior pre-heater

Because of the Golf Country's rarity, some deem it a collectible. However, in the rare occurrence that a Golf Country is listed for sale, the price tag is relatively low for a collector car You can snag one for about $44K, give or take a few thousand.

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