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How To Adjust VW Jetta Headlights

Most cars like the VW Jetta have headlights that allow for moderate adjustment. Taking the time to get the headlights adjusted properly will ensure you are maximizing the light they provide. Adjusting the lights is a relatively straightforward process, here are the steps.

How To Adjust VW Jetta Headlights

Having properly aligned headlights can really help your ability to drive at night. Here is how to align them properly.

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Do It Yourself

Most often the headlight setting from the factory is sufficient, but if you have changed the headlight assembly or have another problem they can be adjusted. To do this yourself, find the two adjustment screws in the headlight assembly. The vertical adjustment screw is located on the top of the housing. The lateral or horizontal screw is on the inside of the headlight housing. By adjusting these two screws, you will be able to adjust the light beam coming from the headlights. The best way to adjust this is by:

  1. Park the VW Jetta in a space where you can adequately see the headlight reflection. Quite often this is in a garage. It is also important to not park too close and best to have about 25 feet of space between a wall and your car. Also, it is best to do this at night or in a dark area.
  2. Next, turn the headlights on and open the hood. Make a mental note of where you want the headlights are currently pointed and where you want them to point.
  3. Ideally, from this distance, the headlight should hit the bottom of the garage door, right where the door hits the ground. By turning the vertical adjustment screw, position the headlight so that it hits this mark.
  4. Next, you will move the horizontal or lateral position of the headlights. Ideally, you will want the headlights to overlap by 50 percent of each other. By turning the adjustment screw counter-clockwise, it will move the headlights to the right. Alternatively, you can move them to the left with a clockwise turning of the adjustment screw.

Professional, Dealership Adjustment

Having the proper setup for your headlights can really enhance your ability to drive at night. If you are concerned about where they point or what a professional to verify they are working properly, check out your local dealer. The highly trained technicians can tell you precisely where the headlights should be pointed to achieve optimal light. They work on your vehicle all the time and have the knowledge/experience to do it right.

Your safety and confidence in driving in the dark or low-light situations is enhanced by your headlights. Lights that aren’t properly adjusted or working properly can cause you to get into dangerous driving situations. Get your lights checked today.