Everything You Need to Know About VW Bumper Covers

Wondering what a bumper cover is and how to replace it? This guide is for you. It answers the most common questions Volkswagen owners have about replacing bumper covers.

What is a Bumper Cover and is it Worth it?

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A bumper cover is an inexpensive lightweight version of the steel bumper found on older cars. Bumper covers have two parts:

  1. A flexible plastic cover.
  2. An impact bar behind the bumper cover. It connects to the car frame.

Having a bumper cover on your Volkswagen comes with several benefits, including aesthetics and safety. Read more about bumper covers here.

When is it Time to Replace My VW Bumper Cover?

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Image Credit: 905speedgta

When you have a damaged bumper cover, you have two options: repair it or replace it. If you’re wondering whether your bumper cover can be salvaged, you have to recognize when it’s beyond the point of repair. The four signs that replacing your bumper cover is the better choice are:

  1. Crack(s) in the bumper cover
  2. Deep scratches in the bumper cover
  3. Damaged or broken tabs and/or clips
  4. Expensive repairs (sometimes it’s just easier and cheaper to replace the whole bumper cover)

Read more about replacing your VW bumper cover here.

How to Install a Bumper Cover on Your VW Golf

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Installing a bumper cover on your Golf requires some preparation beforehand. The replacement bumper cover needs to be cleaned and painted first. Once it’s all clean and dry, you can install it. The steps are outlined here.

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