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9 Accessories to Dress Up Your Golf

Somewhere out there is a kid with a die-cast VW Golf who wishes he could add a roof rack to his beloved toy. Unfortunately, the aftermarket industry for Hot Wheels cars isn't as extensive as many would hope.

Even though that kid has to settle for a regular old Golf, you don't have to. Check these 9 accessories that'll give your Golf that next-level look you've always dreamed of:

1. Surfboard Holder

VW Board Holder 000071120HA

Don't feel confined to surfboards if you happen to live in a not-so beachy climate. A roof rack like this will hold skis, snowboards, kayaks, and probably some luggage if you get creative enough. Plus, the sporty look it puts on a Golf is second to none. Look up part no. 1K1061554HA041.

2. Monster Mats

VW mats 1K1061554HA041

The Golf is a little car with huge aspirations. Golf drivers know it'll take you anywhere, whether that place is covered in snow, dirt, or mud. No matter what's under your Golf's tires, all-season floor mats like these Monster Mats provide protection and a sturdy style ready to take on anything. Interested? Check out part no. 1K1061554HA041.

3. Wheels

VW Wheels 1K5071497041

The right pair of shoes holds the power to bring together an entire outfit. This same philosophy applies to your Golf and a fresh set of wheels. Take these Vision 10-Spoke Alloy Wheels, for example. You can find these beauties under part no. 1K5075GM-805-915-D-9B91497041.

4. Spoiler

VW spoiler 5K00071644GRU

A spoiler has two main functions. The first is to decrease turbulence and drag, and the other is to give your Golf a sleek and sporty look. Check out this spoiler under part no. 1K0064285G to see what your Golf could look like in the near future.

5. Shifter

VW shifter 1K0064285G

When you're accelerating up the highway, a dressed-up shifter will make those high speeds all the more enjoyable. Check out this 6-speed Golf Ball Shift Knob and Boot under part no. 5C5071911C.

6. Exhaust Tips

VW exhaust tips 5C5071911C

Polished chrome exhaust tips add a sporty touch to your Golf, and a slip-over design makes installation a breeze. No need to get in line for this one - you can order it right now under part no. 5K0071685GRU.

7. Side Skirts

VW skirts 5K0071685GRU

A set of sideskirts accentuates the vibrant lines of the Golf. Ready to get on board with this style? Check out this set of side skirts under part no. 000087015A.

8. Key Fob Skins

VW Fob skin 000087015A

You probably don't think about your key fob much, but it's an important part of your car. A custom fit key cover like the one under part no. 5C0071801N fits the Golf R style like a glove.

9. License Plate Frame

VW plate frame 5C0071801N

A chromed-out license plate frame could be the finishing touch to a truly dressed-up Golf. What do you think? Take a closer look under part no. 5C0071801N.

What do all these accessories have in common besides looking great? They're all genuine OEM Volkswagen parts. That means they're built specifically for the model, and offer the best fit and function on the market. And that's important when you want to look your best.