7 Clever Jetta Hacks that Actually Work

You don’t have to own the Fast and Furious Jetta to wow your passengers and fellow drivers. Your trusty ol’ Jetta will do the trick as long as you keep it in tip-top shape.

We’re not talking about modding it. We’re talking about enhancing your driving experience with regular household items like toothpaste, rubber bands, and pool noodles. Yes, we’re 100% serious. See for yourself:

1. Got a frozen car lock? Apply some hand sanitizer.

De-Ice Hack

No more calling in late for work! The alcohol in the hand sanitizer will melt the ice in a matter of minutes, and you’ll be good to go. If you’re out of hand sanitizer, some rubbing alcohol will do the trick, too.

2. Want to keep your car tidy? Install a command hook.

Garbage Bag hack

Every driver has felt the excruciating embarrassment that comes with an unexpected passenger entering the car and reluctantly sitting in the midst of empty wrappers, crumpled up tissues, and other trash. You never have to feel this way again if you get a command hook to hold a small trash bag. It will keep your Jetta clear of trash and hide your fast food habit.

3. Clean your hazy headlights with toothpaste.

Head light hack

Tired of driving with foggy headlights at night? Skip those pricey headlight cleaning kits and grab a tube of toothpaste instead.

It's so easy there are only 5 steps:

  1. Squeeze out a quarter-sized glob of toothpaste on a rag.
  2. Scrub your dirty headlights with the toothpaste covered rag.
  3. Rinse the headlights with water.
  4. Dry the headlights with a clean rag.
  5. Ta-da! You’ve got sparkling minty-fresh clean headlights now!

4. Get an air mattress for long trips.

Air Mattress hack

On a road trip and don’t want to splurge on a hotel room? No problemo. Just blow up an air mattress and slide it into the backseat. You’ll sleep like a baby without seat belt buckles poking your ribs. A twin-sized air mattress would work great in a Jetta. Even better, you may even get to use a full-sized mattress if you can fold down your rear seats and access your trunk.

Worried about sunlight or strangers peeping in? A pop-in sunshade (Part No. 5C7-064-365) will do the trick.

5. Install half a pool noodle on your garage walls to prevent door dings.

Noodle hack

Dinging your door is a surefire way to ruin your day. Some car owners will shrug it off as an inevitable part of owning a car, but it doesn’t have to be that way!

All it takes is a single pool noodle to prevent any future dings taking place in your garage. Cut a pool noodle in half and fasten one half on each side of your garage. This hack works well because a pool noodle is thick enough to deter any dings.

Your Jetta may be completely safe in the garage, but what about when you take it out in public where it's defenseless against shopping carts and careless people? Before you start wondering if it’s socially acceptable to install pool noodles on your car (it's not), consider investing in a body side molding kit.

6. Mount your phone with a rubber band.

Phone mount hack

Why spend money on a car mount when you can grab a rubber band from your junk drawer? Use a pen or screwdriver to guide the rubber band behind the air vent and then fasten your phone with it. Easy peasy! If you’re more of a visual learner, here's a short video tutorial.

Be sure to mount your phone near the USB connector so you can charge your phone with an adapter cable (Part No. 5G0-051-763-D) whenever necessary.

7. Drape a shoe organizer over the front passenger seat to keep your Jetta clutter-free.

Organizer hack

Attention, all parents and Uber drivers! This shoe organizer is a godsend when you’re carting people around. You can stuff anything in there: water bottles, candy, stuffed animals, games, toys, or anything else you can think of. You can also use it to store your own essentials on a road trip or camping trip.

Want to keep your trunk organized, too? Use a trunk liner (Part No. 5C6-061-166-C-469)!