The 4 Coolest Custom VW Things

The origin of the Volkswagen Thing dates back to WWII when it was produced as a successful military vehicle under the name Volkswagen 181. By the time it was sold in the United States, it was branded as the Thing. The VW Thing has a small cult following nowadays due to its novelty appeal and rarity — here are four of the coolest Volkswagen Things floating around the web.

VW Thing Custom Buggy

VW Custom buggy1

VW Custom buggy2

VW Custom buggy3

This buggy owns its title as being a “Wild Thing” after it was made over by fabricators at Tatum Motor Sports in Peoria, Arizona. It was gutted of most of the original components and given a wild upgrade of the suspension, powertrain, body, and more. This extreme build is a killer off-road vehicle but has been spotted cruising around Arizona.

Custom Camo Thing

VW camo buggy1

VW camo buggy2

VW camo buggy3

This made over Thing has a little bit of pep to it and whole lot of customization. Upgrades include a redone brake system, freeway flyer transmission, Kennedy Stage III clutch and pressure plate, and a 220hp fuel-injected 2.5L Subaru Boxer engine…just to mention a few of the many things done to this Thing. It’s also had a ton of suspension work like an adjustable front suspension beam, Type 1 spindles and arms, Air Kewld air shocks in front and Slam Specialties airbags in the rear, and dual Viar 480C air compressors with 7-gallon air tank. You’ll also notice a custom tubular roof, canvas tonneau cover, headlights, and bumpers.

The Limo Thing

VW limo thing

Who wouldn’t want to roll up to prom in this Thing? This 6-door Acapulco VW Thing Limo is made of a 1973 and 1974 combined. It has a stretched hard top, full roll bars, 2387 cc engine, and dual carbs. Finishing it off is a pretty sleek white and blue paint job.

Slammed Thing

VW slammed thing

This Thing is pretty sharp! It’s slammed and super clean, it’s obviously owned by someone who appreciates it very much. This Thing is a great way to round out our list. Although it’s not an insane build, it’s very tasteful and would be one cool Thing to own!