1974 VW Beetle Type 1 Volxrod

74 VW Volxrod 1

This wild ride definitely deserves a look or two. It’s built by a shop in Florida around a 1974 Volkswagen Beetle Classic Type 1, and to say the least, it’s very heavily modified.

74 VW Volxrod 2

Not surprisingly, this VW is a multiple show winner thanks to its unique look and features. The build took a total of 6 years to complete and includes many handmade parts. The body has been chopped several inches, and the front fenders are custom made fiberglass with carbon fiber inserts.

74 VW Volxrod 7

All of the front clip is custom made fiberglass including the hood and side skirts. Its rear fenders are widened to accommodate the oversized tires. The rear deck lid is also custom made fiberglass with carbon fiber inserts.

VW Volxrod 4

Its convertible top is made from fiberglass and covered with cloth.The top raises electrically by a push button. There's also a full roll cage installed. The entire pan was built with new metal and the front beam is adjustable for raising or lowering.

VW Volxrod 6

Powering the build is a 1600cc dual power engine, professionally built with dual carbs and lots of aftermarket upgrades. The transmission is fresh with a Gene Berg shifter.

74 VW Volxrod 1

74 VW Volxrod 3

The blower intake sticking out of the hood is functional, with butterflies that open as you push the gas pedal, but it’s not meant to provide a rush of air into the engine — it’s instead plumbed into the console to provide an air conditioning-type effect for the interior.

74 VW Volxrod 8

Inside, you’ll find Recaro seats, custom door panels, custom kick panel, and a carbon fiber look throughout the car. The console is custom made and houses a Sony head unit.

74 VW Volxrod 9

74 VW Volxrod 10

Finally, it’s custom geared and rolls on Weld Racing wheels.

74 VW Volxrod 11

This car is more of a work of art than a commuter vehicle, but it looks like it’d be fun to take it for a ride anywhere!