1965 VW Single Cab Transporter

There’s always been a demand for racing that the average enthusiast drivers could afford to enjoy. After watching Formula Vee racing take off in the USA in the 60’s, Dr. Ferry Porsche and race director Huschke von Hanstein set about bringing the Formula Junior-inspired series and its unique VW-powered open-wheel race cars to Europe.

Of course, the Formula Vee cars needed a way to be ferried from track to track, so six VW Bulli pick-up trucks were purchased and adapted as car carriers. Sadly, all were lost to the ethers of time, leaving this painstaking 1965 reproduction as a proud example of racing history.

1965 VW pickup race car hauler

A reproduction of a 1965 Bulli pickup converted to haul Formula Vee race cars.

No effort was spared in bringing this pick-up to a period-correct appearance. The characteristic red paint found on the original Porsche Renndienst pick-up trucks supplanted the donor vehicle’s original Dove Blue color. It also features an original Eberspächer heater and VW instruction booklet. The Westfalia towing hook is present and accounted for, among many other period-correct pieces.

Red VW Bus Converted to Hold A Race Car

An interesting piece of VW truck history.

Nevertheless, there have been a few well-needed changes. A 2.4-liter 914 engine, built by UK-based Porsche restorer Maxted-Page & Prill, delivers approximately 200 horsepower. In anticipation of this power increase, the original 4-speed gearbox was fitted with a heavy duty clutch kit. Front disk brakes and larger rear drums, as well as a CSP dual-circuit master brake cylinder provide improved stopping power. The suspension, steering and other aspects of the VW were also modernized to handle today’s traffic conditions.

Formula Vee racer in VW Bulli pickup

That’s a Formula Vee racer mounted in back – an amazing vehicle as well.

All of the little details that made the original single cab Transporters unique are present and accounted for on this vehicle. All of the correct switches found on the original vehicle were sourced, found and overhauled prior to install. Even the bronze label tag is present on the Westfalia towing hook.

This 1965 VW single cab Transporter offers a vivid glimpse into exciting racing history and a grand opportunity for anyone looking to carry their period race cars with a period transporter.