10 Amazing Stanced Passat Wagons

Stanced cars are pretty cool, but stanced wagons? That’s a whole new level of drool-worthiness! Here are 10 amazing stanced Volkswagen Passat wagons.

The Stanced “Geek Wagon”

Out of SoCal, the owner, Jason, has put over 200,000 miles on this Passat. It has a slew of go-fast mods under the hood, but more notable is the appearance. This wagon has KW variant 1 coil over springs, MAE mono block 18×8-1/2” wheels with 22 offset in the front and 17 in the rear, and 215/35/18 tires on all four wheels.

Stanced Geek Wagon

Stanced Geek Wagon 2

Long Stretch Passat

This slammed Passat is one of the more extreme stretches and shows you how you can revolutionize the way your wagon looks with a set of lowering springs and the right wheels!

Stanced Long Stretch Wagon

Project “Syndicate”

If you didn’t want a wagon before, bet you do now! This low and slow cruiser is equipped with an impressive stance and bonus tire rack!

Stanced Syndicate Wagon

Low and Clean

This is one of the cleanest rides we’ve seen! While it seems impossible, the owner noted that at the time the pictures were taken, more lowering and camber adjustments were in the works!

Stanced Low and Clean Wagon

Stanced Low and Clean Wagon 2

The Head Turner

You’re sure to get some looks in this wagon and probably a few high fives! This slammed wagon is complete with some massive wheels and pretty extreme camber action!

Stanced Head Turner Wagon

Passat Wagon GT Syncro “Stein”

This build has become a popular one in the VW community. Follow the link to watch the transformation by the owner.

Stanced Stein Wagon

2000 Passat Wagon on Air

With a little bit over 100,000 miles (at the time of the photograph), this Passat wagon sports a clean badgeless grille, Depo projector headlights, and an air ride suspension — making it “bagged” instead of slammed.

Stanced Air Wagon

1997 Passat Wagon

This wagon is seriously low and has major camber adjustments! It’s also very clean and has a custom lip to make it kiss the ground.

Stanced 97 VW Wagon

Perfect Daily Driver

While this wagon is lowered and has aftermarket wheels, it’s not so extreme that it couldn’t be driven as a commuter car…that would also be a hit at car shows!

Stanced Daily Driver Wagon

B3 Syncro Wagon

This stunning Passat started off with a very clean platform and has been transformed into a real show stopper! Modified from the inside out, the owner obviously did some very careful planning that translated into perfection for this stanced wagon.

Stanced B3 Syncro Wagno