Insufficient Volkswagen Voltage Problems

The last thing you ever want to think about is the wiring in your Volkswagen. You only want it to work correctly every single time, right?

Coolest Vintage VW Ads

Volkswagen has always been brilliant in their advertising and marketing campaigns. Always funny and a little weird, the ads you see today have evolved from some really good material of the past. Here are some of the neatest VW ads from the classic era.

2015 VW Tiguan S Provides Great Drive With Lackluster Design

NOTE: Our guest writer Tim Esterdahl got to test drive the new 2015 VW Tiguan S and wanted to share his experiences with the car on our site. Hopefully you find it interesting.

The car market is in an interesting place these days. Once upon a time, it was all about reliability, then fuel economy and, just a few years ago, the driving experience was a big deal. Now, it is all about what fancy knobs, plush interior materials and how much technology you have in the cabin. For the 2015 VW Tiguan the driving experience is top-notch, sadly the interior isn’t.

2015 VW Jetta SE Review – Fun Driving Experience

NOTE: Our guest writer Tim Esterdahl got to test drive the new 2015 VW Jetta SE and wanted to share his experiences with the car on our site. Hopefully you find it interesting.

The recently redesigned 2015 VW Jetta offers new styling and an upgraded TDI diesel engine. It is has just as much German charm as you would expect for a really low entry-level price.

Volkswagen Dash Lights Not Working

You rely upon the dash lights to see critical information on your instrument panel, so if they’re not working, you want to get them fixed right away. Without functioning dash lights, you can miss important information about your vehicle.

Top 5 Weirdest VW Paint Jobs

Volkswagen owners are a different breed. They want a cool car that’s a little off-the-cuff from most other rides out there. However, there are some Volkswagen owners out there who are a little more extreme than others — and are not afraid to show it! Here are five of the craziest paint jobs on Volkswagens.

1985 Golf GTI vs. 2015 Golf GTI

When you compare the 2015 Golf GTI to the 1985 model, the differences really drive home how much Volkswagen has improved in the last 30 years. While the 1985 Golf GTI was a hot car at the time – and could be considered a collector’s item today – the 2015 model beats it in nearly every category. It’s faster, more powerful, more fuel efficient, and has safety features the 1985 version is seriously lacking. Amazingly, the 2015 GTI is only 25% more costly too – when adjusted for inflation, of course. Check out the full comparison below and let us know your thoughts!

How to Replace a Volkswagen Battery

At some point or another, you are going to need to replace the battery in your Volkswagen as they do wear out over time. You might notice that your vehicle’s lights are dimmer, or your vehicle won’t stay charged. These can be signs of a battery that is on the way out. Battery replacement is a very simple procedure; but, if your vehicle is equipped with any type of alarm or anti-theft equipment, be sure to use the computer memory saver to save your settings before replacing the battery. Otherwise, you need to start over and reprogram the alarm systems or they won’t work.

Remember VW’s Love Bug? Here’s a Love BUS

Lately it’s been proven that chivalry is indeed still alive, and Volkswagen Buses are still saturated with their beloved charm decades after their time.

Common Volkswagen Transmission Problems

It may not be easy to diagnose a transmission problem, but you know when it’s not running properly. An ignored transmission can develop problems that can become costly. As soon as you detect a problem, you need to determine the cause and get it resolved.Here are some of the most common transmission issues and what you can do about it.

How to Replace a Volkswagen Side Mirror

Your Volkswagen’s side mirrors are kind of important as far as safety is concerned. The trouble is, the location of the mirrors makes them vulnerable to damage from garage door frames, passing traffic, car washes, and of course road debris.

5 Things Everyone Should Know About Lowering Springs

Lowered Volkswagens are everywhere — and there’s a reason for that: they looks awesome! There’s something about the lines of the Volkswagen design that are seriously brought out when the body is a little closer to the road.

A Short History of the VW Phaeton

A car named after a greek sun god, the Phaeton isn’t a vehicle we see much on American roads. While seemingly invisible to some, the Phaeton is epitomized class. Designed to evoke envy and made for performance, the Phaeton is a serious luxury car. This ride has incredible lines and awesome features, making it a definite “status car”, but where did it come from? Here’s a history of the Phaeton as it was introduced to the world, and how it’s going to make its way back to the United States.

Volkswagen Brake Lights Not Working

The brake lights on your Volkswagen are part of the safety equipment, and they alert drivers behind you that you intend to stop. Should they stop working, you put yourself at risk for a rear end collision, so any malfunction of the brake lights needs to be addressed immediately.

Volkswagen Cruise Control Not Working

Is your dub’s cruise control giving you trouble? Instead of Fahrvergnügen, are you getting annoyed with your cruise control system? Here’s some info that might help.

Volkswagen Bluetooth Not Working

Being able to connect your phone or other mobile device to your Volkswagen’s stereo via Bluetooth is an awesome luxury to have. It allows drivers to listen to music downloaded on their phones without any cords, take calls hands free, and more — so when it stops working, it can be distressing. Here are the most common culprits of Bluetooth connectivity issues and what to do about them.

My Volkswagen Key is Not Working

The Volkswagen key has a built-in computer chip that is programmed to be recognized and accepted by your vehicle as part of its security system. If the computer in the vehicle does not recognize the key and its code, the vehicle will not start.

The Coolest Poptop VW Camper Buses You’ve Ever Seen

The VW Bus is one of the coolest vehicles ever made. Chock full of versatility and novelty, the Bus has a cult following. Here are some of the coolest pop top VW camper Buses around.

Haul a Super Bowl Party in a Golf Wagon

Are you ready for the Super Bowl? If you’re a red blooded American, the answer to that is clearly “bring it on!” But what about fitting all your tailgating needs into a VW Golf Wagon? Bet you never thought about that, or maybe you have. Either way, a VW Golf Wagon can hold a lot of Super Bowl party essentials.

How to Read Tire Wear on Your Volkswagen

Car tires are not cheap, so when you get them, it’s important to make sure they last as long as possible. Learning how to read uneven tire wear can help you identify a rubber munching problem before it destroys a new tire. Here’s what you need to know about reading tire wear.

DTC Decoded: P2002 and P2003

Code description: Diesel Particulate Filter Efficiency Below Threshold Bank 1 or Bank 2

10 Amazing Stanced Passat Wagons

Stanced cars are pretty cool, but stanced wagons? That’s a whole new level of drool-worthiness! Here are 10 amazing stanced Volkswagen Passat wagons.

How to Replace Volkswagen Windshield Wiper Blades

Windshield wipers are part of the safety equipment on your Volkswagen. In order to have a clear view regardless of the weather, you need to maintain the blades on your vehicle. If you start to see streaks when you use the wipers, or if they are coming loose on the ends, it might be time to buy a new set of wipers.

Volkswagen Beetle Headlights Not Working: A Complete Diagnosis Guide

Are you having problems with the headlights on your Beetle? It can be a pain to find the source of headlight problems but this guide can point you in the right direction and help you get them working again.

Volkswagen Jetta Heater Leaving You in the Cold? Learn How to Fix It!

Have you been having problems with the heating system in your Jetta? If so, the following is a must read. We’re going to run go through some of the most common faults with heater systems and tell you how to fix them.