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In theory, the spark plugs inside your Volkswagen’s engine are simple parts, but they perform an important function. Just like a lightening bolt, the electrode on the end of a spark plug creates a spark of energy, or arc, that ignites the fuel in your engine.

The VW spark plugs in your engine are probably not something you think about too often, they’re small and seem so inconsequential that most people go along without giving spark plugs much thought. That is until malfunctioning spark plugs cause you to have problems driving your vehicle.

Spark plug problems can be very generalized and hard to diagnose. Symptoms of a bad spark plug may include a rough engine idle, miss firing, hesitation, poor performance, surging, and even poor fuel economy — these same symptoms are also common for bad coils, wires, and other ignition components. Most problems caused by spark plug failure are temporary and go away as soon as the bad plug is replaced.

OEM VW spark plugs should be replaced as recommended in the owner’s manual of your vehicle. Since this part can be difficult to diagnose if worn, this regular service is very important for the proper functioning of your vehicle’s engine. By using only OEM spark plugs for VW, your engine will get the best delivery of spark possible.

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