OEM R32 Replacement Parts

Volkswagen R32

Volkswagen R32

The Volkswagen R32 is a modern beauty of design and performance. Compact, sturdy, and economical performance matched with VW reliability make the R32 one of the best all around vehicles on the road. This little car delivers every time you turn the ignition, but even a car as reliable as the R32 will need a replacement part or two one day. When you need Volkswagen R32 parts, go with OEM reliability over cheap replacements and use VWPartsVortex.com. All our replacement parts are OEM factory standard: No aftermarket or cheap knockoffs here.

VW R32 Parts

Clutch/Transmission – A clutch or transmission can fail after 100,000 or 70,000 miles, respectively. Cheap replacements are notorious for a significantly shorter lifespan, so use OEM parts and assure you’re getting another 70-100K out of your shifter.

Oil Filter – These might seem like an insignificant repair, but an oil filter truly is one of the most important repairs you can make. A good filter will keep your engine free of contaminants and will last longer. A dirty engine will lead to BIG problems down the road, so keep yours clean and up to standard.

Air Filter – If you’re around a lot of dust or dirt, your air filter likely takes a beating. Just like an oil filter, air filters keep your engine running clean and smooth. Don’t be cheap: It’ll cost you in the end.

When your R32 needs a few replacement parts, visit VWPartsVortex.com or call 609-386-0174. When you call you’re guaranteed to speak to someone with at least 5 years of experience working with VWs. Don’t wait any longer, get the replacement parts your VW needs today.