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Your VW’s braking system is a complicated and intricate setup with parts that must all be functioning properly to ensure a safe trip for you and your passengers. One of the most important parts of the braking system is the vehicle’s brake pads.

VW brake pads are a key component of the brakes because they are the vital part that applies pressure and causes friction to the vehicle’s rotors that causes the vehicle to slow or come to a stop.

Although the Volkswagen brake pad seems pretty simple, their role is anything but; without properly functioning brake pads for VW vehicles, your vehicle will lose stopping power. Not only will stopping become a challenge, continuing to use the brakes when your brake pads have worn all the way down will cause damage to other components of the braking system. These other parts tend to be far more costly than the replacement of the brake pads.

Braking components should be inspected frequently and worn components should be replaced right away. Worn brake pads may also make a high pitched whine when they have worn down and need to be replaced. OEM VW brake pads and other components will provide the maximum safety & durability as they are made to meet the strictest quality standards around.

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